Josephine A Osumo

Coach & leadership consultant helping women unearth their potential

Josephine is a coach and leadership consultant, working with individuals to magnify their communication, increase their confidence and build connections so that they can unearth their potential to become unique versions of themselves in order to make an impact in their spheres.

She sincerely believes when you teach one woman how to get from point A to B you have taught more than just one person. She says the youth are the future and we need to be able to trust them enough to lead so that they can trust themselves to take up opportunities that come their way.  

As a humanitarian, she thrives in helping refugees get resettled in a third country. She has a love for listening to other peoples’ stories and cheering them on as they achieve their goals.

Josephine has over 20 years’ experience relating to and leading individuals to know themselves. Josephine, is also a toastmaster, where she has served as a Club President, Area Director and is currently serving as a Club Retention Chair for East Africa.

Her office ensures all clubs get support to enhance their quality thus enabling their members to achieve their goals. Josephine is also a published author of 30 Days of Prayer for the nation, which is available as an eBook on Amazon and in local Kenya bookshops.

She looks forward to serving as a speaker, building connections and impacting women to Challenge themselves to break out of the mold and achieve their dreams.

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