Rejoice Ntiriwaa, PhD

Advocating for access to clean & affordable energy for all, especially women & girls

Rejoice is a science communicator and academic with a Doctorate in Sustainable Energy Technologies.

She has several years of grassroots experience in the clean cooking sector.

As an enthusiast of clean cooking services, Rejoice envisions a world where everyone, especially women and girls, have access to clean and affordable energy, and climate change is no longer a threat to all ecosystems.

She does this through research and advocacy.  Her research examines the connections between clean energy access, environmental governance, and climate change. She believes that because women understand their problems better, they are the best people to provide solutions.

As a result, Rejoice leaves the confines of the lecture halls on a regular basis to educate women, especially rural women within small-scale food processing enterprises about the importance of clean cooking adoption and usage and its role in the overall energy transition.

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