Ashley Maria & Lea-Ann W. Berst (daughter-mother team)

Daughter-Mother team speaking on topics of overcoming unfair obstacles to ambition

Having an award-winning impact filmmaker at your event is invaluable!

This daughter-mother team speaks on topics of overcoming unfair obstacles to ambition, how to be better allies, empowering the next generation, and being more inclusive.

Ashley Maria (Director/Producer) and Lea-Ann W. Berst (Producer) are on a mission to achieve a truly inclusive world where women and girls can thrive. Delivering diverse perspectives, Ashley & Lea-Ann empower organizations to educate employees, students, and memberships on how to best support people from diverse backgrounds.

Invite the filmmakers to speak:  

After years of research and traveling the country to make their Emmy-nominated film, Pioneers in Skirts, they captured stories about overcoming unfair barriers and being a catalyst for change.

This daughter-mother duo offers your audience:
• behind-the-scenes stories of the making of the film,
• the numbers…the stats [when it comes to impacting change — stories move hearts, numbers move minds!],
• personal journey perspectives in discovering their own ingrained biases, and
• solutions for impacting positive change within our culture.

The filmmakers travel around the globe to speak and are accustomed to speaking via Zoom or other online meeting tools. They are often asked to be part of a speaker panel, speak at conferences, corporate events, conventions, or play a meaningful role at company workshops.

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