Lorna Lyons

Empowering women (mums) to stop being controlled by societal norms

Lorna Lyons holds a Masters in Applied Psychology and is a professional teacher. Following her transition to motherhood, she lost sense of who she was as a human first.

Her identify, like many mums, became encroached with nurturing for her children and the responsibilities attached to this.

Through re-discovering her love for learning as she embarked on her Master's Education, she found ultimate satisfaction and fulfilment through setting up a "side hustle" coaching business founded in her desire to help fellow mums rediscover their joy.

She grew in confidence and self esteem. She grew in self worthiness and learned how to share her voice. She underwent an energetic healing journey and bright awareness of this to many women in her community. She found that business development was deeply rooted in personal development and after one year of building up her "side hustle" coaching business, she transitioned to full time entrepreneur.

This role provided her with the flexibility and mental drive that so many mothers strive for. She was excited about working again, metaphorically reimagining a full colour version of herself coming back to life. She got to be the full time carer for her precious kids but also focus her attention on a job that lit her up!

Lorna founded a learning community for women in business (primarily mums) called The MumBOSS Network and through a combination of mindset coaching & business development, she helps other women start & grow heart led businesses from home.

Lorna inspires confidence and resilience for the women she works with and her message is wrapped around taking back control of your life so that you prioritize your happiness. She believes that this is the true role model of what a mother should represent to our future generations.

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