Laura Sercombe

Inspiring confidence and resilience in girls so that they can be strong independent women of the future

GFS is a well respected charity that has been supporting vulnerable girls and young women for almost 150 years.

The charity is much needed today because girls as young as six tell us they cannot be themselves. This has serious repercussions for them and for gender equity in society.

We are known for offering a preventative service for the girls that research says are most in need. This includes a real focus and intent on inclusion and with an intersectional approach. We work with younger girls to support them to retain the confidence they are born with but without GFS in their lives we know is eroded.

IWD gives us the chance to talk about what the girls of 2024 are telling us so that we can all be part of the solution for the girls of today and women of tomorrow. I would love to share with you what they are telling us.

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