Maudlyn Akosua-Awuku

Award-winning women advocate and international speaker

Maudlyn Akosua Awuku is a remarkable young woman with unwavering determination and an unbridled passion. She seizes every opportunity that comes her way and strives to create a profound impact through her service. Maudlyn is dedicated to advocating for women's leadership, social advancement, and empowering and inclusion of youth to contribute towards sustainable development and gender equality.

Maudlyn has a Master's degree in Project Management from the University of Salford Manchester, UK. She also holds a Sociology and Political Studies degree from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana, an Executive MBA in Leadership and Management.

Maudlyn is an outstanding leader in community development, having earned the prestigious Young Achievers Award at the UK House of Parliament. She has also been recognised as a Young Global Peace Ambassador for her remarkable efforts in promoting global peace through her exceptional work as well as the Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Maudlyn boasts an impressive employment record, having worked with esteemed organisations such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration (Multilateral Bureau) in Ghana. Additionally, she has acted as a Delegate of UN Women UK to the Commission on the Status of Women at the UN headquarters in New York. Maudlyn currently serves as a Board Member for Club London under European Forum Alpbach and has been a featured speaker at a multitude of international events, including panels, meetings, and conferences. Her advocacy for women and youth empowerment has garnered numerous accolades, including the Excellence in Community Development Award and People's Choice Award at the Forty Under 40 UK.

Maudlyn is the CEO and founder of GEWE Global Network. This UK-based organisation focuses on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment. It supports Black African, Ethnic Minorities (BAME), and young women from underrepresented backgrounds to achieve their full potential by encouraging them to take up leadership roles in politics, civic participation, and decision-making for social change. Through their persistent efforts, they have been awarded a grant to promote intersectional gender equality and empower young women to take up leadership positions and be rightfully represented.

Maudlyn is also the mastermind behind Anijie Global Foundation, an organisation committed to empowering women, youth, and children in Ghana. They focus on promoting sustainable projects and providing resources to build skills and capacity for the younger generation to achieve the SDGs Agenda 2030.

The foundation prioritises Gender Equality, Climate Action, and Quality Education. Their sustainable initiatives and advocacy have already empowered over 6,000 women and youth. They have also donated 5,000 exercise books to over 40 schools in marginalised communities, promoting inclusive and equitable lifelong learning opportunities for all. Furthermore, the foundation supports young women in various ways, including distributing over 1000 sanitary pads and providing technical and vocational skills training.

Maudlyn is passionate about empowering and including women and youth in leadership in politics and civic decision-making at the highest level. She is currently championing sustainable development Goals 4, 5 and 13, quality education, gender equality, and - climate action, respectively.

Through her two organisations, GEWE Global Network and Anijie Global Foundation, she leads by example as a skilled young leader and changemaker with exceptional organisational abilities and a commitment to personal growth. Her drive to succeed, fulfil her purpose, and make a positive impact motivates her every day. Ultimately, Maudlyn's goal is to achieve a position of influence, pursue her passions, and inspire and empower women and young people.

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