Amy Smith

Clarify Your Message and People Will Engage keynote speaker

How much is a confusing message costing you as a leader, educator, or business owner? Do you need a way to differentiate yourself in your market or company so that your message stands out?

When you clarify your message, people engage. But if you're message is confusing, people will ignore you. Every day our brains filter and process over 5,000 messages from emails to ads to social media. If what you are saying is not clear or easy to understand, you are being ignored and getting left behind. Together, we can change that and make sure the best person (or products) wins.

People with the clearest message will win because their ideas and messages are easy to understand and compelling. People will engage and move to action--from buying a product to galvanizing and aligning a team.

In the Clarify Your Message keynote Amy Smith walks your audience through the StoryBrand Framework and helps them understand how they can invite people into a story. It's a 7-part framework that transforms your messaging, marketing, meetings, training, speeches, and more. It's easy to understand and implement right away.

The keynote is based on the book Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller which has inspired over one million business owners, leaders, and amazing humans like yourself all over the world.

This keynote can be adapted for different audiences virtually or in person. It is typically a 90-minute keynote with an optional Q&A. Amy will partner with you to understand your needs and work with you to create the perfect keynote for your audience.

Based in Nashville, TN, Amy is a speaker, coach, and trainer who teaches business owners, leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs profitable strategies for building a thriving business or a high-performing team. She has decades of experience leading and building highly successful teams in both the corporate and entrepreneurial spaces. Most notably, she spent ten years at Apple building the Retail division through training, coaching, and leading teams around the world. Most recently, Amy was the SVP of Customer Retention and Engagement at Storybrand.

Let's talk! You can contact me at or (312) 315-3085.

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