Stephanie Tranquille

Speaker and Effective Communication Coach

Stephanie 'Speakersteph' Tranquille is a professional speaker, Executive Speaker Coach, global citizen and Emotional Intelligence (EI) expert.

She has spent more than 20 years creating greater human connection in the workplace, in training, sales coaching, events and speaking roles, in advertising, financial and tech industries.

Throughout her career, she's taken active roles within DEI communities, affinity groups, initiatives, and programs. At Amazon, she ran global events in every region for tech audiences to offer deep learning in specialist areas, and also provide education, involvement and activities to support DEI awareness, to combined audiences of over 30,000 attendees.

She was head of Attendee Experience for Amazon Sales Kick off events, for both in person events, that hosted 20,000 (Chicago, US) and virtual events that hosted more than 30,000 attendees. This role focussed on community connection, DEI initiatives, wellness, gamification, mentoring events & sustainability.

With a background in training, Stephanie educates, build community, and nurture growth mindsets, to not only benefit highlight individual brand, but to also contribute to company culture, leadership development and inclusive experience.

From her first overseas assignment, offshoring her own job, without job security to come back to, Stephanie saw it as her opportunity to get to know the wider world outside of her own.

In India, she ran cultural and technical  training, came back and took on a change management role, responsible for early adoption of the offshored process at business banking centres.  

This presented the first of what would be many situations where she faced sexism, racism and ageism. 15 years later, she practices resilience, emotional intelligence and self belief and educates others on how to find their voice through effective communication.

She created the Speaker Program for Amazon Advertising, focused on speaker management & coaching readiness for global speakers at industry events, working with speakers across Amazon Ads, Prime Video, Amazon Music, L'oreal, Freevee, &Twitch. She grew this community from 30 to 400+, expanding the speaking community to include all global regions, with the intent to ensure that that was texture, variety and that all communities  were represented.

She's worked with speakers at Advertising Week events globally (NYC, London, Sydney), at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Newfronts in NYC and Upfront in London.

An active member of the EI community at Amazon, created the EI Mentoring program & was one of the first few accredited EI facilitators to offer training to the wider business. To date she has presented & coached over 17,000.

Combining her background in training, coaching, event design, EI speaking, she brings bold energy, impact and vibrancy to stages. Authentic, impactful personal stories, storytelling and her deep expertise in Emotional Intelligence principles makes her both credible and unforgettable.

"I was grateful to have benefitted from her authentic feedback, support and experience of having produced large global events. Stephanie's inclusion, empathy and authenticity stands out as she embeds principles of DEI within her work. She understands the principles of Emotional Intelligence, is a practitioner and trained facilitator which adds to the many skills she has. I am privileged to have an opportunity to work with her and to be coached by her," said Head, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (LATAM, EMEA APAC) Amazon, Nidhi Singh.

"Stephanie’s authentic speaking style captivates a room, at the same time makes it feel like she’s having a conversation with you individually. She crafted a captivating story that she travelled through with humour and real-life examples sharing relatable and vulnerable moments. Stephanie’s superpower is her energy and her ability to fill a space with it," Global Travel manager, Smartsheet, Michelle Amos.

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