Ellen Kocher

Inspiring inclusion by addressing menopause in workplaces

Ellen Kocher, an expert in workplace well-being and menopause advocate, brings a fresh perspective to address the critical issue of menopause in the workplace. With nearly half of the labor force comprising women and the majority facing menopausal symptoms, Ellen emphasizes the need to destigmatize and mainstream conversations around menopause.

In her impactful "Menopause Matters" interactive awareness session, she provides a safe and inclusive space for all employees, breaking down barriers of ageism and sexism.

Ellen's approach not only empowers women to anticipate and manage menopause but also highlights the positive impact on organizational productivity, work culture, and the bottom line when the menopausal transition is acknowledged as a legitimate occupational health concern.

Ellen's "Menopause Matters" program is structured to offer a comprehensive exploration of menopause, addressing both physical and psychological aspects.

Tailored to your organization's needs, the program covers vital topics such as the science behind menopause, physical symptoms, weight gain, and effective strategies for managing them. The sessions delve into the crucial aspects of diet, exercise, sleep, and lifestyle, providing practical tips to navigate these challenges.

Ellen recognizes the unique challenges women face during this phase of life while balancing their professional responsibilities.

Participants can expect several valuable takeaways, including a clear understanding of menopause, practical tips for managing symptoms, increased confidence in handling challenges at home and work, and a transformative shift in attitude.

Additionally, each participant will have the opportunity for a 15-minute individual coaching session with Ellen to address specific concerns and receive personalized guidance. The session also provides curated resources for further exploration, ensuring that participants continue their journey with a wealth of knowledge and support.

By fostering understanding, confidence, and skill empowerment, Ellen's sessions create a transformative experience that resonates both personally and professionally.

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