Lauren Paton

Top Voice for Gender Equity. Founder. Keynote Speaker. Podcast Host. Ex-Amazon Marketing Leader

Lauren Paton is a motivating and exciting speaker, coach and trainer with a passion for getting more women seen and heard in the rooms where important decisions are made.

Straight-talking, funny, compassionate, and insightful, her goal is to pull back the curtain on what’s really going on, and give her audience those magical a-ha moments that turn an inspiring idea into a change-making action.

She’s spoken to global audiences at brands such as Amazon, EY, Eurostar and the BBC.

Previously a senior marketing leader at Amazon, Disney and a failed start-up, she earned a global reputation for game-changing strategic thinking that smashed impossible targets, all the while leading high-performing teams with authenticity, emotional intelligence, confidence and a dash of radical self-care.

She now combines her more than 20 years of strategic marketing and communications experience, with more than 5 years as a business owner, coach and consultant, to her unique perspective on people, leadership, culture and what it means to succeed as a woman when you’re outnumbered.

Keynotes include:
• The Power of Being Uniquely You
• Busting the Impostor Syndrome Myth (And What Confidence Really Looks Like)
• Leading with Emotional Intelligence (The Superpower of the Female Leader)
• Get Comfortable with Being Visible (Your Way)

Lauren is also the host of the acclaimed podcast “A Woman in a Man’s World”, and she can be found on LinkedIn talking about everything from women’s leadership to pop culture.

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