Jackline Chris

Award-winning communications personnel, community development advocate, author and speaker

Jackline Chris is a self-motivated award-winning communications personnel, a community development advocate, author and speaker with more than three years' experience. Jackline holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with immense training in entrepreneurship and community development.

With her passion for communications, she is a founder of a life changing platform called “Power of Sentence” that enables people to share and celebrate positive sentences and defy negative sentences that have a great influence in their lives.

The platform led her to author books such as “The Hundred Sentences and The Words That Follow” and The Amnesia.

Her drive to ignite positive forces for change has led her to start ServingWaters, a movement that envisions an improved marine conservation through community engagement. In her personal time, she enjoys tapping into her creative side of expression through different mediums such as artistic writing, photography and graphic design.

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