Patricia Arboleda

Dynamic speaker empowering women's careers. Catalyst for change, championing habits for success

Patricia Arboleda: Empowered Inclusion Speaker

Patricia Arboleda, a highly successful certified Executive & Leadership Coach, is a dynamic and inspirational speaker committed to empowering women and LatinX professionals. As the founder of Arboleda Coaching, Patricia brings over 25 years of management, sales, and marketing experience to the forefront of her impactful keynotes.

Keynote: Empowered Inclusion: Key Habits for Women's Career Advancement

In this compelling keynote, Patricia delves into the transformative power of inclusion, unveiling key habits essential for women's career success. Attendees gain insights into confidently articulating achievements, self-advocacy, personal brand cultivation, and active participation in visible projects.

Key Highlights:

Empowering Habits: Patricia unravels habits crucial for breaking barriers and propelling women forward in their careers.
Self-Empowerment: Emphasis on embracing achievements with pride and amplifying voices in the professional realm.
Men as Allies: Addressing the pivotal role men play in fostering an inclusive workplace, becoming allies in diversity and success.


In this impactful keynote for International Women's Day event, we explore the transformative power of inclusion and the key habits that can propel women forward in their careers. We delve into essential practices, including confidently speaking about achievements, advocating for oneself, cultivating a personal brand, and actively engaging in visible projects.

The speaker highlights the crucial role of these habits in breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings. Emphasizing the significance of self-empowerment, attendees are encouraged to embrace their achievements with pride, amplifying their voices in the professional realm.

Additionally, the keynote addresses the invaluable support that men can provide. It underscores the importance of fostering a workplace culture where women feel safe to showcase their talents and contributions. By creating an environment of collaboration and understanding, men become pivotal allies in promoting diversity and propelling women towards their career goals.

Overall, this keynote aims to inspire and equip women with actionable insights while fostering a sense of unity and collaboration between both genders for a workplace where everyone can thrive.

Participants will leave the room with actionable takeaways. These key takeaways aim to empower women to embrace their potential, while also encouraging men to be advocates for equality and inclusivity in the workplace. The message is one of unity, collaboration, and mutual support for the advancement of all professionals, regardless of gender.


Patricia's journey from a Senior Executive in a Fortune 500 company to a Certified Executive & Leadership Coach fuels her insider's understanding of obstacles faced by female leaders. As a Latina woman, she transforms lives through innovative coaching programs, instilling winning mindsets, expanding leadership skills, and generating impactful results.

With certifications from Cornell University and the Columbia Business School, Patricia is not just a coach; she's a catalyst for significant transformations. Book Patricia Arboleda for an empowering experience that transcends barriers and propels your audience toward lasting success. Elevate your event with Patricia's expertise and inspire a workplace where everyone thrives.

Bilingual Presentation: Patricia delivers keynotes fluently in both English and Spanish, catering to diverse audiences.

International Expertise: Patricia's clientele spans Europe, Latin America, and the United States. She seamlessly connects with audiences worldwide, offering a truly global perspective.

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