Vera Milan Gervais

Best-selling author, award-winning businesswoman, and mindset maven

Vera Milan Gervais helps women develop their innate leadership skills – because leading ourselves is a precursor to supporting and leading others, as well as achieving both presence and inclusion.

Vera is a speaker, best-selling author, award-winning businesswoman, and mindset maven who helps women develop confidence in themselves and their leadership skills. Her thought-provoking talk helps women recognize that word labels are like clothing labels – they affect how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. Those perspectives affect how we show up at work and life.

Vera’s book and signature Wordz We Wear® programs and workshops inspire women to challenge limiting labels, embrace their individuality, and create their best life. She has presented at events and masterminds across the country, as well as being a guest on popular podcasts.

Through story and anecdotes sourced from her personal, corporate and entrepreneurial experiences, Vera shares how intentionally choosing the WORDZ We Wear – the way we talk to and about ourselves – affects what we believe and the choices we make.

Recognizing the impact of words and limiting language on their subconscious beliefs helps women let go of the labels that hold them back from fully embracing their gifts and talents. It allows them to focus on achieving their full potential with personal, powerful WORDZ (with a zed). We are who we say we are. We can step into our purpose, passion and power by intentionally choosing the WORDZ We Wear.

Vera knows the impact of limiting labels on how we feel and show up. She grew up believing she was “defective” due to a birth defect that resulted in multiple childhood surgeries, a leg length difference, and scoliosis. Her physical challenges left her ostracized, bullied, and living in the shadows. By finally choosing to relabel herself an “adventurous introvert”, Vera embarked on a mindset journey to change how she faced both physical and emotional challenges.

She adopted a new definition of success and gave herself permission to create balance around work, relationships and well-being. Vera has since climbed mountains, jumped out of a helicopter into the ocean, come face-to-face with a python, built several businesses with her husband, won a Woman of Distinction award, and explored all seven continents with her family.

The mother of two talented and amazing young adults, Vera lives near the ocean in New Brunswick, Canada with her husband and business partner Marcel, and 100 pairs of earrings. Vera’s best-selling book, The WORDZ We Wear: How to show up with Confidence and create our best lives, shares strategies and insights garnered from her own experiences and the lives of 30 women who have created success and impact on their own terms.

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