Miranda Bouldin

Veteran defense contractor and leadership expert

Miranda Bouldin, the Founder of the esteemed defense contractor, LogiCore Corporation, boasts an impressive two-decade career dedicated to supporting the military. Her journey began as a college sophomore, and over the years, she has made significant contributions in the realm of engineering and logistics support services.

Audiences can anticipate an insightful and enlightening presentation from Miranda Bouldin, drawing upon her extensive experience and global work in support of the military.

Key highlights of her speaking engagements include:

- Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Miranda Bouldin shares her insights into leadership and entrepreneurship, illustrating her own journey in founding and growing LogiCore Corporation. Her presentations offer valuable lessons for aspiring leaders and business enthusiasts.
- Global Perspective: Having worked around the world, Miranda brings a global perspective to her talks. She sheds light on the challenges and opportunities encountered in international settings, providing a unique and eye-opening perspective.
- Military Support: With two decades of unwavering commitment to military support, Miranda delves into the vital role that defense contractors play in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of military operations. Her talks resonate with those interested in the defense industry and national security.
- Diversity and Inclusion: Miranda Bouldin is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She shares her experiences and strategies for creating diverse and inclusive work environments and fostering innovation and collaboration.

Miranda Bouldin's expertise, combined with her passion for supporting the military and empowering others, makes her a sought-after speaker. Event managers looking to inspire their audience with insightful and impactful presentations should reach out to Miranda Bouldin to secure a booking that promises to elevate their event to new heights.

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