Anne Lawrence

Technology leader passionate about diversity, equity & inclusion, changing how companies support diverse workforces

Anne is a 30+ year technology leader who has spent most of her years as a minority in the male dominated technology industry.  Anne shares her experience of what it took to gain confidence to use her voice to lead and be a change agent.   Anne is tired of learning the rules of the corporate "game" and is instead changing the rules to be all inclusive.

Anne continues in her technology career and leads the Women's Network at her company.  The network has more than 1300 members in over 20 countries working to achieve the mission to provide resources, knowledge and opportunities to empower, inspire, represent and connect women in the workplace and beyond.

Anne is passionate about communication, understanding the various styles, knowing how to adapt a style to be heard, and jumping into meaning and crucial conversations.  Anne shares real life experiences to demonstrate how to use these skills and get people interested in hearing what you have to say.

With the 2024 Theme of Inspire Inclusion, Anne speaks to why skilled communication is the key to not only inspiring inclusion, but to also create spaces where everyone can feel included and be their authentic selves.

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