Monique Russell & Dr. Donna Marino

Decoding Assumptions, Inspiring Inclusion: A Journey Through Emotional Intelligence


Diversity and Inclusion is our greatest asset, and the ability to understand, embrace, and leverage this diversity is crucial. "Decoding Assumptions, Inspiring Inclusion: A Journey Through Emotional Intelligence" is a transformative workshop that combines the power of emotional intelligence with the imperative of inclusion. This session, led by renowned experts Dr. Donna Marino and Monique Russell, is designed to empower leaders and teams to recognize and overcome assumptions that not only hinder communication but also impede inclusive practices.

You will engage in a fun, and enlightening journey, to explore how emotional intelligence can be a catalyst for creating a culture of openness, mutual understanding, and respect in diverse work environments. Engage in interactive exercises to practice empathy and active listening, essential skills for leaders in a global, multicultural setting.
Key Takeaways:

Understanding the role of emotional intelligence in overcoming communication barriers.
Techniques for active listening and empathy in a multicultural workplace.
Strategies for building cohesive teams by addressing and dismantling assumptions.
Actionable steps for creating an inclusive and respectful corporate culture.

Why Book Us

We offer a distinct perspective blend not commonly found among other speakers.

Our real world impact with Fortune 500 companies, and clients in the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East brings relevance to our changing workforce.

Our content is interactive and customized, not generic and tailored to the needs of your audience.

Our thought leadership is sought after in some of the world’s most respected publications and organizations like FAST Company, Association for Talent Development, Harvard Business Review Advisory Council and countless podcasts.

We’re authors, mothers, and business leaders walking the talk, each and every day.

About Us:

Dr. Donna Marino - A family business psychologist and a beacon for ambitious women leaders, Dr. Marino specializes in unraveling the complexities of family businesses and empowering wise leadership. With a rich background in psychology and business, she has been a guiding force for high-performing teams and executives at Fortune 500 giants like Nestle, McDonald's, and Amazon. Her TEDx talks and contributions to Fast Company are testament to her impactful approach in creating lasting legacies and harmonious family business dynamics.

Monique Russell - As the Global Communications Skills Advisor, Monique is the cornerstone of strategic leadership development. Her expertise in fostering connection, community, creativity, and courage has been sought after by leading organizations such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and the CDC. As the CEO of Clear Communication Solutions, author, and podcast host, Monique's influence extends globally, guiding leaders and teams to excel in communication and employee engagement.

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