Veronica Mason

High-performance coach & speaker, former technology lawyer at Google & Baker McKenzie, broke her back at age 23, LGBTIQA+ advocate

Veronica Mason is a high-performance coach and speaker. Leading with empathy, she is a catalyst for transformation. Veronica empowers individuals and companies to unlock and harness their full potential so that they can achieve their audacious goals. Her journey into personal development was born from a near-death accident where she broke her back and immersed herself in the world of personal growth to rebuild her life.

With a unique blend of experience and expertise, Veronica has a deep understanding of the tech industry, the corporate world and high-pressure environments. She has served as a coach, speaker, and mentor at organisations such as Techstars, StartOut, Startmate, and SBE Australia. Her perspective is enriched by her background as a technology lawyer and advisor at Google and Baker McKenzie. Veronica has an Honours degree in Law and a Bachelor of Arts (International Relations/Politics) from UNSW and a Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development.

Veronica was a Pinnacle Foundation scholar and has been named the 2024 Pinnacle Alumni Scholar for the University of Sydney’s LGBTQIA+ Executive Fellowship, described as an ‘MBA in a week’, and is a proud LGBTIQA+ advocate.

Having addressed a spectrum of audiences, from intimate workshops to large-scale events with organisations like SXSW, Qantas, Mirvac, Cisco, Deutsche Bank, American Express, Commonwealth Bank, ZipCo, The University of Sydney, The Agency Leaders Symposium, AirTree, Startmate,  Goldman Sachs, The Pinnacle Foundation, Google, Elevate Education, Spark Festival, ISS, Medoo and Squadron, her versatility ensures that every session is impactful and tailored to the audience’s unique dynamics.

Veronica’s engagements extend beyond mere speeches that don’t move the needle; they are individually crafted, interactive experiences, designed to galvanise change and inspire action. Testimonials describe her as ‘engaging’, ‘authentic’, and a ‘valuable addition’ to events, highlighting her ability to resonate with diverse audiences and empower them to take meaningful action, be it supporting a cause or excelling in their professional endeavors.

Thank you for considering this collaboration. Veronica looks forward to the opportunity to discuss further how to make a lasting impact together.

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