Dr. Michelle Clay, DO

Physician, Best-selling author & Wellness Speaker Inspiring Women to Live Well, Wonderful & Mindful

Dr. Michelle Clay, a dynamic Physician, best-selling author, holistic wellness speaker, and founder/CEO of FREEALITEA, is a beacon of vibrancy and empowerment. With a powerful fusion of medical expertise and captivating speaker charisma, she lights up events, inspiring purposeful living, stress management, and mindfulness.

As the driving force behind FREEALITEA, Dr. Michelle offers premium loose-leaf herbal teas, blending the alchemy of natural wellness into every cup. Her company also curates wellness programs tailored for fabulous women over 40, providing transformational tools for holistic well-being.
A graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana and Ohio University with a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree, she also holds certifications in holistic health and clinical nutrition.

Dr. Michelle continues her great-grandfather's legacy, uniting Native herbal traditions with modern health insights. Renowned as an empowering speaker, she offers refreshing strategies for stress relief, health rejuvenation, and vibrant living at national and international conferences.
Her talks delve into the magic of holistic wellness, stress management, and the art of living well, wonderful, and on purpose. Engage your audience in a journey of self-discovery, inspiration, and empowerment.

-Destress the Desk
-Mindfulness practices for increased well-being.
-Strategies to achieve balance and reduce stress.
-Creating Balance While Building Your Business

-Holistic approaches to wellness for individuals and organizations.
-The power of herbal remedies and holistic practices for health.
-Promoting vibrant health and vitality through natural wellness.
-Strategies for maintaining energy and zest for life.
-Wellness practices for FABULOUS women over 40

-Navigating the menopausal journey with resilience.
-Holistic approaches to managing menopause symptoms.
-Embracing this life transition with confidence and well-being.

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