Rachel Maunder

Empowering female leaders in the professional sector

With storytelling at the heart of everything she does and always drawn to support and elevate women, Rachel empowers female leaders in the professional sector to communicate more openly and effectively so that they can fully show up as the great leaders they know they can be.

Rachel introduces the concept of approachable leadership as a means of bridging the leadership gap as well as inspiring inclusion and belonging, enabling her audience to bring the support and compassion piece to their leadership.

Her own speaking career began in the juvenile court room, later moving on to adding training and facilitating, and finally making her mark as a business speaker.

One of the first observations Rachel made about successful speakers was they all seemed to have a powerful story to share. Initially held back by a belief that she didn’t have one to share, she set out to find her own way of bringing stories to her speaking and to inspire others to do the same.

She’s now known for her expertise in helping others find and tell theirs as well as for being a truly engaging speaker.

A firm ally for DEIB, Rachel is host of The Different Stories Podcast, where she invites guests from marginalised groups to share their stories of feeling different with the intention of inspiring inclusion and acceptance.

She is a Professional Member of the Professional Speaking Association UK and Ireland and was Regional President for the London region in 2022.

Her primary keynote topics are:
- Achieving approachable leadership through strategic storytelling
- The power of sharing stories
- 5 simple techniques to get your audience hanging on your every word.

These fit well under the following areas:
- Leadership
- Organisational culture and change
- Wellbeing
- Female empowerment

'I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Rachel speak a few times and witness how she captivates and engages her audience. What I love about Rachel’s speaking is the way she uses storytelling to powerfully deliver her message. I can thoroughly recommend Rachel as a speaker or trainer for womens’ events.' - Julie Dennis. The Menopause Coach.

'As a result of hearing Rachel's presentation on The Power of Sharing Stories, we weaved some client stories into a presentation we were due to deliver the following week. They made the room go silent. It really is a powerful way to engage the audience.' - Caroline Milne, Menopause Coach and winner of the 2023 Female Executive Coach Awards (AI influential Business Women’s Awards).

'What’s great about Rachel is not just the storytelling and the idea of the power of stories. It’s that she models it, so her authenticity. As she talks about it, she’s doing it.
To watch her masterfully craft stories, relate lessons and make them relevant and applicable is just brilliant.' - David Avrin. Customer Experience Keynote Speaker.

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