Smitha Soni

Marketer, psychologist, engineer & business owner

Smitha Soni, a super speaker and one of The Power Duo has an MBA and an engineering degree, and works as a psychologist.

She has worked as a marketing manager for Bajaj for her last job, and over the previous 12 years. She has been inspiring, guiding, and training people. She is the founder and partner of 4 businesses and the mantra in her life is to keep learning and being full of positivity.

However, the above is just a reflection of what you see her today. Yes, she was a part of many rejections, bullied due to her dark skin, faced many challenges and obstacles as she came from a humble background. Being inclusive was just a dream.

She is here to share her experience and the few things she did well to prioritize inclusivity. Let’s make this world an inclusive place to grow together and have a positive influence

60 to 90 minutes session

Smitha Soni and Harsh Soni - The Power Duo

In-person or Online

Program Overview - #InspireInclusion - Building Future Together
Part - 1: Introduction & Opening of Inspiring Story
Part - 2: Inclusion Mindset
Part -3: Eye of Influence (Model developed by Smitha and Harsh Soni)
Part 4: C.A.R.E. Principle
Part 5: Organization Approach Towards Inclusive Workplace
Part 5: Capstone Project (Self Introspection Case Study)

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