Lucy Purdon

Speaks about ways women’s images and data have been used throughout history and why it matters today

Lucy is the Director of Courage Everywhere, a consultancy focused on gender justice, policy & innovation to advance technology for the benefit of all women. She has worked for over 10 years at the intersection of technology and human rights.

Lucy has campaigned for a plethora of digital and women's rights: from better protections for women’s health data to the removal of marketing companies from maternity wards.  In the face of complex technological ecosystems and fatigue when it comes to working out how to protect our privacy, Lucy is on a mission to answer the million dollar question: What can we do?

In this special talk for IWD 2024, Lucy weaves together extraordinary examples of women’s contributions to technological developments- whether they approved or not or were even aware. It's all there- consent, ethics, fair compensation and women knowing their worth; issues that are as relevant today as they have been throughout history.

It begins with a dress worn by Elizabeth I in the 16th century and culminates, naturally, with AI. Along the way we meet The Unknown Woman of the Seine, Herietta Lax, The Patron Saint of the JPG, The Voice of Siri and more. What insights can we glean from these examples to shape a future centered on justice and empowerment of women through improved technology policy, products, and design?

You will be thinking about this talk long after it has ended!

Lucy is a regular public speaker and media contributor.

A selection of videos can be seen here:

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