Kate Waterfall Hill

Marketer, consultant & leadership coach

Kate Waterfall Hill brings 30 years of leadership to her keynote speeches, talks and workshops - along with a sprinkling of levity and humour in all the right places to ensure the message lands well and is remembered.

Having been the MD of a marketing agency at the tender age of 29, Kate rose up the ranks by using her intellect, tenacity and sense of humour to influence positive outcomes and win over clients, prospects and colleagues.

Kate started her own consultancy in 2007, supporting a range of SMEs in need of director-level input, covering a range of issues from business improvement, growth strategies, exit plans, marketing, restructuring, recruitment & retention, and people plans.

In recent years, Kate has pivoted once again to become a Leadership Coach. Kate's videos have had over 50 million views; her alter-ego called "Linda, the bad manager" illustrates the traps that leaders often fall into, raising a wry smile from her 117k TikTok followers and 50k Facebook followers.

Once they've stopped laughing and come to realise that sometimes they might behave like the hapless "Linda", they realise they haven't had a decent role model or any training to be a good leader - and now's the time they need a coach who understands that professional development doesn't have to be dull and boring. Workshops and speeches can be entertaining whilst also being informative, enlightening and results-driven.

Kate uses this alternative approach to the serious subject of leadership (and particularly female leadership) to support all types of leaders (from CEO/Founders, to experienced, new or aspiring leaders). Kate's focus on supporting other female leaders extends to the formation of a free, private Facebook group called "Senior Women in Small Businesses" in which the members have a safe space to share challenges and seek support.

Her engaging, uplifting and interactive approach to panels, speaking events and workshops means that attendees leave events in which Kate has played a part, feeling motivated, energised and clear on the call to action. Kate is one of the keynote speakers at the Corporate Wellbeing Expo at Excel on 13/14 March 2024, speaking on the subject of the Role of Leader in Employee Wellbeing.

In everything she does, and particularly for International Women's Day, Kate is particularly keen to encourage advocacy and allyship. It's not about pushing anyone down, it's about rising everyone up.

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