Kay Fabella

How to Champion Change for Women in a Distributed Workforce

As a 3x Forbes-featured Inclusive Distributed Work expert, Kay Fabella has worked with companies like Meta, Philips, LinkedIn, Red Hat and the IMF, to improve inclusive communication between diverse team members, to retain top talent and reduce turnover, and to build a culture of belonging to prepare companies for the future of work.

A Filipina American in Spain since 2010, Kay draws from her lived experiences as a neurodivergent woman of color, a daughter of immigrants, and an immigrant herself to build bridges for belonging.

In her dynamic talks, Kay walks her audience through how to: (1) embed empathy on diverse teams to foster inclusion, (2) expand our "gender only" or "race only" focus in DEI initiatives to be truly intersectional, and (3) actionable ways for teams and organizations to truly support ALL women on the road to gender equity.

While she finalizes her first book on DEI, you can listen to her speaking style and industry insights on her 5-star podcast: Inclusion in Progress.

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