Dr Sarah Whyte

Supporting thousands of people with tough emotions

Dr Sarah Whyte has a doctorate in emotional intelligence, for which she created an emotional intelligence intervention for change, and remains a massive research geek. With over twenty years’ experience of supporting thousands of people with tough emotions, she works with people in high-pressure, high-performance environments to help them understand the power of emotion in psychological safety. Her relatable stories distil complex research into powerful takeaways to boost performance, productivity and communication.

She offers two interactive keynotes for International Women’s Day:

- Sarah's keynote on ‘Emotional equity for Inclusion’ reveals the imbalance in how we expect men and women to express their emotions at work, and the disparity in consequences when different genders display the same emotion.

- Sarah’s ‘Making Invisible Labour Visible’ explores the adverse impact on the mental load for inclusion, especially for women’s progress in the workplace. She shares some practical tips for how everyone in the household can share the burden of invisible labour so that women have more time and energy to concentrate on other things.  

“Thank you so much Sarah, your session was BRILLIANT! You got the highest-rated session of the day and the most questions too. Again, thank you and we will be in touch for our next event.” - Senior Human Resources Director
APAC & EMEA Conferences for a Global Law Firm

Sarah is available for in person and virtual keynotes and panels throughout March for International Women’s Day events.

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