Sophia Choudhry

Multi-award-winning entrepreneur

Sophia is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, Renowned for "keeping it real," Sophia will get up close and personal and share the challenges she faced growing up as the only brown girl at school, leading to profound feelings of exclusion. Her transformative breakthrough came amidst adversity when she experienced a disgusting racial attack, this was a turning point for Sophia which redefined her life. Her journey serves as a powerful backdrop for the International Women's Day theme of inclusion as she candidly draws from her personal experiences to deliver a raw and unfiltered account of her remarkable path.

As the founder and visionary behind rotibox, Sophia has transformed her game-changing invention into a global business, revolutionising the lives of roti makers worldwide. Beyond her entrepreneurial success, Sophia is a social media sensation, with her viral videos amassing a staggering 100 million views.

Sophia's commitment to philanthropy is evident in her impactful work, having contributed to feeding over 11,000 families in refugee camps in Lebanon and thousands others across the globe. Through her endeavours, Sophia continues to embody the spirit of resilience, empowerment, and inclusivity, making her a compelling force in both business and advocacy. Sophia's mission is to inspire women from all walks of life that regardless of one's background, anything is possible and that every woman has a right to follow their dream.

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