Julie Fisher

Mum of three boys & carer

Inclusion isn’t something that anyone should have to fight for, but for many, this is an everyday battle that feels like it will never end.
Julie Fisher is a mum of 3 boys and is also carer to her youngest son Darcy who lives with Down Syndrome.
With over 17 years of lived experience raising her son who lives with Down syndrome, and holding a Certificate IV in Disability, she has developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities.

She is passionate about sharing this knowledge and promoting the importance of inclusion, acceptance and connection in all aspects of life.

By attending her presentation, participants will not only gain insights into the world of disability, but also discover practical strategies for supporting others and fostering inclusivity.

She firmly believes that this knowledge can have a transformative impact on both personal and professional lives.

She has had the privilege of speaking at various events, including more recently with Care With Us, Frankston City Council, Melton Care Expo and many others, where she had the opportunity to share my knowledge and our personal story.

Julie inspires many with her presentations and encourages everyone to create positive change so people can live their lives as they should be lived.

Julie’s quote says it all…
Give People A Chance and Watch Them Shine

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