Expert in organisational learning & development

Born in Vietnam and growing up in Australia since the age of 4, Oanh has lived and worked in varied leadership contexts in Australia, Finland, Thailand, United Kingdom and Europe.  Her journey has been one of learning and reflection to understand the type of leader she chooses to be. Oanh believes that it is when we truly understand who you are and the different roles you play in your lives, you are best placed to be a woman of positive impact.

Oanh leads on teaching and learning projects, in-service training and coaching dialogue, curriculum development, global events and professional learning communities.

An expert in organisational learning and development, she works closely with our schools, driving innovation. As an Educational Consultant at the University of York, Oanh led on curriculum planning and development, she contributed to the work of the UK`s Education Endowment Foundation and has been a regular invited speaker on webinars and podcasts to the educational research community.

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