Jackie Handy

Award-winning LGBTQ+ speaker with a captivating personal story

“Captivating”. “Inspiring”. “Powerful”.

“A challenging and provocative poke in the ribs!”

All these terms have been used to describe Jackie’s keynote The Power of Inclusion.

A poignant, relevant, positive and practical keynote presentation which can be delivered virtually or in-person and tailored to your specific needs.

Through sharing her personal story, she provide the audience with several core takeaways with actions. Here are just a few:

- Understanding why exclusion happens

- ‘Busting the myth’ on privilege

- Using inclusive language

- Knowing the true definition of inclusion

Jackie has seen both sides of the coin. She knows first-hand how exclusion feels and hurt and anxiety that bullying leads to. Her mission is to ensure everyone feels safe, valued and understood at work.

Creator of the BRAVEwork training programme, TEDx and event speaker, business consultant and author of ‘The little book of Belonging’, Jackie works to demystify and simplify what can often be a challenging topic. Her combination of storytelling, theory and practicality provides an understanding as to what Diversity, Equity & Inclusion looks like in practice, why it matters and how to begin your journey of change, one small step at a time.

She is a Fellow member of the Professional Speaking Association UK&I and has been awarded national Speaker of the year in both 2021 and 2022

Here's what people say about her:

"Jackie has a gift for telling a story in a way that takes the audience along with her every step of the way. Truly spellbinding stuff. But Jackie delivers so much more than a story - her message is clear, relatable and powerful."

"Jackie bought passion, energy, humour, real life stories and huge impact at our recent leadership conference. We wanted a speaker who could support us in reshaping our peoples thinking on being the best leader they can be and boy Jackie did an awesome job. So much positivity and great feedback has come in and energy levels feel high."

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