Jessica Paton

Transformative talk turning inner critics into allies for success & happiness

In today's competitive world, our inner critic often hinders confidence and happiness, impacting both work and life. Jessica inspires women to take command of their own minds, fostering self-kindness over criticism through the impactful practice of Self Compassion.

Key Highlights:
1. Understanding the origins of the inner critic – delving into nature and nurture
2. Unpacking the adverse effects of self criticism on overall wellbeing
3. The components of Self Compassion (and what it isn't)
4. Short practices to weave into your day
5. Navigating between tender and fierce Self Compassion, recognising situational needs
6. Five practical steps to counteract negative self-talk

Delivered with charisma and passion, Jessica has the ability to establish rapport with diverse audiences. Her talks blend together experiential practices of Mindfulness, Compassion, with learnings from psychology and a touch of neuroscience, leaving attendees with actionable insights for enhancing wellbeing in their daily lives.

As a dedicated Wellbeing Coach specialising in Mindfulness, Compassion, Positive Psychology, and Breathwork, Jessica is committed to helping women to de-stress, find calm, and feel happier through transformative practices. Whether addressing small gatherings or large events, the exploration of the life-changing power of Self Compassion promises lasting impact on all participants.

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