Renata Sguario

Experienced senior executive with almost three decades of experience

Founder of Maxme, Renata is an experienced senior executive with almost three decades specialising in customer centred, technology-led, business transformation at leading companies both in Australia and abroad. Renata's passion for developing human potential led her to found Maxme, a human skills development company with a focus on providing young job seekers the much needed arsenal to secure and thrive in their dream job.

Having worked for leading organisations both locally and offshore including Accenture, Telstra, NAB, British Airways, REA Group, Lion and the Victorian State Government, Ren has recruited, led, coached and mentored hundreds of employees over the course of her career. Her vision is to empower all humans to be their best by equipping them with the tools, insights and experiences they need to connect to purpose, realise their potential, and thrive.

Ren is also chair and non-executive director of Future First Technologies (ASX:FFT) - formerly PS+C Limited, an ASX listed company committed to shaping the future by building a portfolio of innovative digital platforms designed to make life simpler and safer.
“Since as far back as I can remember, helping others to realise their potential has been a core value for me. Every person I've led, coached or mentored over the last 20-years will tell you that human skills are what can make, or break, a career.

When I stopped and thought about the impact I wanted to make in the next decade, and how I could help my teenage daughters and their peers prepare for career success, I realised I needed to take my years of equipping others with the power of human skills, and package it into something truly valuable for career beginners, movers, and advancers the world over.

The result? A human skills app, a secondary school program, a suite of immersive human skills programs for individuals, teams and organisations alike - and that’s only the beginning.

Helping individuals to unlock their unique superpowers, achieve excellence and thrive is the greatest privilege of our work.

Informed by her life’s work, and fuelled by a deep passion to help humans be the best version of themselves, Renata founded Maxme in 2019.
Observing the key skills required for organisational & individual development, growth and success, Ren identified a clear gap in the market for a specialist human skills development solution.

After working one-on-one with foundational clients, Ren realised she needed to reach more people, and fast. And therein lies Maxme’s proposition today - highly scalable, immersive human skills products & programs accessible by anyone, at any time.

Often coined interpersonal, ‘soft’, or meta skills, human skills are now among the foremost capabilities demanded by companies the world over, and widely endorsed by the likes of Jack Ma (Alibaba Group), Sam Altman (OpenAI) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon).

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