Rangalakshmi Srinivasa

Guinness World Record holder & international laughter yoga trainer

Educational Qualification: BE from SJCE, Mysore
Position: Secretary and Principal, Basaveshwara Educational Institute
Other positions held: Certified International Laughter Yoga Trainer | Management Trustee, Greens Innovator Motivational speaker
World Records: Guinness World Record Holder (14-11-2019) | Record holder of Asia book of Records( 6-7-2019) | Record holder of India book of Records (6-7-2019)
Awards: Indian Women Achievers’ Award- 2021, SaadhanaPrakasha Nation Builder, Kannada SevaRathna, Nationwide award

- Conducted laughter yoga for 1,50,000+ people off-line and 40,000+people online.
- Conducted Laughter yoga sessions in public events like Ganeshotsava, Kannada Rajyotsava, Food festivals, Marathon, Laughteryoga workshops /events in corporate companies, Govt& Pvt organizations, Youths. Cancer Patients in hospitals, Oldage Homes, Orphanages, Women organizations, etc
- Conducted Motivational classes for high school, college students, teachers ( Govt, Aided and Private ) Women, etc
- Conducted motivational speech for high school HMS on 8th August 2023 organized by South – 2 DDPI, Bengaluru.
- Conducted online Laughter yoga session for Russia to develop friendship between 2 nations on 28th October 2023.
- Participated in International Laughter Yoga world conference 2023 as Delegate at Nashik, India from 16th October to 20th October 2023 ( About 28 Nations were present.

Additional Activities: Conducted 126+ Stand-up comedy in public events like Rajyotsava, Ganeshotsava, Exhibitions, Food festivals, etc

- DD Chandana - Beti Padaavo Beti Bachaavo
- Laughter yoga live event
- Z – Kannada  Live: Education related topics
- Ayush TV - Health talk live programmes
- Star Suvarna - Participated
1) In a reality show on International women's day week as GWR holder
2) Was invited as one ofthe celebrity 200th episode ofSuper star and opportunity
3) Was given opportunity for me to explain the importance of laughter for health, happiness and peace.
Inchara TV: Comedy show

- Some articles regarding laughter yoga, education etc are also published in newspaper.

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