Miranda VonFricken

Former HR leader & award winning speaker

Own Your Awesome: Inspired Women, Inspire Inclusion!

Professionals at all levels

According to recent reports on women in the workplace by authorities like McKinsey & Company, and LeanIn.Org, advancement barriers such as the "Glass Ceiling" and the "Broken Rung" are the main obstacles to women's advancement and inclusion in leadership roles.

After spending 15 years in the corporate environment as a Director in Human Resources and Higher Education, Miranda VonFricken, author of "Own Your Awesome!", says "We can add the increasing mental load and decreased focus on women's well-being to the list of culprits as well," noting she has witnessed countless women leave their lucrative roles due to overwhelm, anxiety, and burnout.

As a solution, she created “Own Your Awesome!” an engaging and highly successful, personal development program to increase engagement, excellence & energy in the workplace and has become the catalyst to inspiring results for all who participate.  

In this “back to basics" yet powerful conversation, Miranda will dive into the powerful strategy that can change it all. The one thing that can ignite your workforce, inspire inclusion, and elevate excellence and energy while increasing engagement in the workplace: Self-leadership.
Specifically, Owning Your Awesome!

This is the answer to inspiring every part of your organization.

How does one own their awesome? By mastering “self-leadership” through setting focused and positive intentions, being mindful of personal energy, and taking time to celebrate the smallest of wins (both personally and professionally). This will inspire an elevated level of self-leadership that will allow participants to more effectively make decisions, take action, and create an impact on your mission... and their lives.

For women specifically, this creates an internal confidence that empowers them to take risks, walk into rooms where decisions are being made, and say YES to themselves without the need for external validation - an invaluable benefit to their lives, work, and results.

Mastering Self-Leadership is also the #1 way to effectively manage workplace stress.

This new level of inspired leadership is a powerful way to create a renewed vision for one’s work and life – resulting in better quality of service for clients, more aligned teams, inclusive conversations, and increased productivity while inspiring innovative solutions.

What does mean for the men in the room?

It means, they, too can learn how valuable a confident woman is to their team, organization, and life. The men typically learn a thing or two about their role in supporting, elevating, and celebrating the women around them. Self-leadership can inspire inclusion for everyone and learning to "Own Your Awesome" is the first step!

Learning objectives:

1- Creating clear intentions for actions, outcomes, and inclusivity through communication and self-leadership
2- Learning the power of mindful & personal energy - gaining valuable insight into where they can make adjustments in their day to inspire those around them and their outcomes
3- Learning how and when to celebrate their personal power, contributions, and voice in the workplace and beyond

This is an interactive experience that focuses on one’s power to inspire inclusion by starting from within. Each objective has a small "reflective" activity which can be done in the accompanying workbook. Mastering self-leadership strengthens the foundation for all we do, ultimately building personal confidence to welcome and inspire inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

Want to inspire inclusion in your workplace?
Hire Miranda VonFricken and embody the "Own Your Awesome!" lifestyle.

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