Evelyne Brink

Executive coach, executive presence coach, TEDx speaker & former UK No.1 Madonna impersonator

A meteor of life force, Evelyne brings a rare combination of stage charisma and insightful leadership coaching to your event leaving your audience uplifted and more confident.

She has transformed the impact, presence and energy of executives in organizations such as the BBC and Channel 4, Deloitte, Pfizer, as well as working with entrepreneurs and celebrity clients.

Evelyne is not just a speaker; she's a catalyst for positive change and mental sustainability.

With 20 + years of coaching experience, her background as a performer and producer of her own woman shows (from NY to Berlin), Sony music record deals and corporate training expertise, a TEDx speaker, author and coach, Evelyne is uniquely positioned to support senior leaders develop their personality in the spotlight.

She is the mother to the first survivor of having no small intestine from birth. She raises 2 children and is the founder of Brink Coaching, an international coaching company. She became known as Europe’s No. 1 Madonna impersonator, as seen on TV.

- Express to Impress: Unleashing Your Creative Voice for Leadership Success
Overcome the fear of vulnerability, learn to express your true self and become a charismatic leader who inspires action.

- Resilience 2.0: Thriving Through Life's Challenges
Unlock the keys to resilience, thrive in adversity and transform challenges into strength.

- No Hiding in the Spotlight: Embrace Your Unique Leadership Style
Overcome self-doubt and become a confident leader guided by authenticity.

- Business by Pleasure: Sustainable Success in Leadership
Achieve sustainable success, integrate well-being practices into leadership and enjoy the journey to peak performance and balance.

"I was inspired by Evelyne's expressiveness, her vibrant liveliness and her ability to capture her audience using a magnitude of styles and personas."

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