Katrina Purcell

Operations leader, work/life integration, mentorship, coaching, nonprofits, startups & scaleups

Katrina Purcell has held many titles in her career: technical advisor, project manager, head of global PMO, director of product operations, chief of staff to the CEO for two separate businesses, and now founder. A graduate of Columbia Business School, Katrina Purcell has prided herself on her business acumen as she steadily rose through the ranks no matter where she was employed. It became apparent to her that her expertise was in high-demand in the business world.

However, while she was making capital for major corporations, the fire in her soul demanded more. She realized her particular brand of skills would be able to feed that fire through service to minority-led organizations, non-profits, and those who may not have access to such services at a reasonable cost.  

In true Katrina Purcell fashion, she dreamed big then excelled as she completed her vision. Katrina Purcell, LLC, works with seed to series C tech startups and nonprofits on creating efficient growth and scale. Whether it's strategic planning, operational excellence, product roadmaps, agile tech transformation or capital raise support, her mission is to deliver tailored solutions that drive tangible results and unlock their full potential. Katrina lives in Brooklyn, New York with her brilliant, supportive husband and two very spoiled cats. When she’s not volunteering, she’s living life to the fullest in everything she does.

With this year's topic of inspiring inclusion Katrina can speak about how to create space for diverse voices, how to give back in ways that help other women succeed and why your community is so important.

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