Christina Olex

Getting curious about courage

The topic is courage is so pertinent today, especially for women in the world. Courage has the expansive potential to look many different ways to many different people. While jumping out of a plane represents courage to some, a heartfelt discussion about sex with your teenager might hold the same ‘catch your breath’ moment, and still talking to your boss about how much you deserve that raise is stressful for another.

Each day we are faced with countless opportunities that give us choice around how we engage, how we listen, and how we respond - and most of these decision points involve some level of courage.  Are you grabbing as many of these opportunities as you would like each day?  

In this interactive session, participants will be asked to consider what courage looks like to them, how they learned what courage they do have, and what skills are necessary to build courage.

Rooted in Brené Brown’s research and Dare to Lead™ curriculum, participants will walk away understanding how they can be more courageous in their lives.

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