Vassia Manika

Passionate advocate for inclusive wellbeing

Vassia is a passionate advocate for inclusive wellbeing, driving innovation and success across diverse communities. As a Wellbeing Innovator with 20 years of experience in Health Professions and Corporate Trainings, Vassia has spearheaded initiatives that promote equitable access to health, happiness, and fulfillment.

At IWD 2024, Vassia will:

Challenge the status quo: Debunk the myth that innovation thrives in homogenous environments. Explore how fostering diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and identities leads to groundbreaking solutions.
Unlock hidden potential: Uncover the powerful link between inclusive wellbeing and individual and collective flourishing. Learn how prioritizing mental and physical well-being for all empowers teams to reach their full potential.

Offer actionable strategies: Equip attendees with practical tools and frameworks to design and implement inclusive wellbeing programs within their organizations. Go beyond theoretical concepts and gain tangible takeaways for immediate application.
Spark powerful conversations: Facilitate an interactive session that encourages dialogue, reflection, and shared learning. Walk away with new connections, insights, and inspiration to drive positive change.

Vassia's captivating delivery, combined with their expertise and passion, will leave audiences empowered to build more inclusive and innovative workplaces where everyone thrives.

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