Deborah S. Greenhut, PhD

Creating solutions for the global caregiver burden

Award-winning author and keynote speaker, Dr. Deborah S. Greenhut transforms audiences with her engaging conversations about family caregivers' rights. To help address the global crisis that threatens the lives of family caregivers, Deborah offers her rational caregiver framework. Her recently published, Best-selling Amazon Top Release, "The Rational Caregiver," makes the case that we could find ourselves with a shortage of family caregivers due to unchecked premature mortality rates.

Her suggestions go beyond "getting organized" and "taking relaxing breaks" to making sure your rational mind can direct the impulses of your loving heart. If caregivers fail to approach these 24/7/365 assignments with clear thinking about what they can and cannot do, they risk exhausting themselves, which can lead to health conditions associated with being overstressed. So-called "Caregiver Burden" or "Caregiver Syndrome" can happen to anyone who means well. To remain a functioning family caregiver, you need to incorporate your own goals into your planning for a caregiver assignment. It's difficult to say no to an ailing loved one, but if you can't be there, who will be? Dr. Greenhut shows how it's unhealthy to overcommit yourself exclusively to another person's needs if it costs you your own.

Dr. Greenhut's professional titles have included college professor and dean as well as corporate trainer and keynote speaker, focusing on communication and management topics. She will help you understand why it's important to function as a manager rather than a subordinate in your  caregiving assignment. Without recognition of your role, respect for your needs, and appropriate respite, you may disappoint yourself and your loved one.

Resilience is the key quality you will need for the long haul of caring for a loved one. This professional knows what it like to set aside her own goals for three loved ones, and she can share the struggle she faced to regain her health and her personal priorities.

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Middlebury College, Dr. Greenhut holds a PhD from Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Her novel, “The Hoarder’s Wife,” published in 2022 by Woodhall Press won two Firebird Awards from Speak Up Talk Radio, a 5-star rating from The Readers’ Choice Awards and Readers’ Favorite, and a second-place award from the National Federation of Press Women. Deborah has been interviewed in print by,, speak up talk radio,, and elsewhere. She has appeared on numerous podcasts including Healthy Love and Money, Women Road Warriors, and USA Radio, along with Dr. Alan Lycka’s How to Live a Fantastic Life. In January 2024, she delivered a story for Speak Grief at a speakevent and was interviewed during the January summit, Minding Dementia. She’ll be interviewed again about family caregiving at the Voices of Women Summit on International Women’s Day.

Engage Deborah Greenhut for a transformative experience in honor of International Women's Day 2024.

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