Alison Edgar

Excelling in intrapreneurship, neurodiversity advocacy & dynamic change leadership

Alison Edgar, known as The Entrepreneur's Godmother, has transitioned from aiding global entrepreneurs to becoming a celebrated keynote speaker. Her journey from overcoming personal adversity in Clydebank, Scotland, to achieving recognition from the Queen with an MBE, illustrates her resilience and determination. Alison’s narrative is marked by her battles with dyslexia, poverty, and later in life, arthritis, showcasing her commitment to personal and professional growth against all odds.

Her professional speaking career encompasses engaging topics like intrapreneurship, transforming organizational performance, and leveraging neurodiversity for business success. Edgar’s approach combines her unique life experiences with practical business insights, making her talks not only inspiring but also rich with actionable strategies. Her transition from a sales expert to a motivational speaker and author demonstrates her adaptability and continuous pursuit of passion, making her an ideal role model for aspiring professionals.

For event managers, Alison Edgar offers a blend of inspiration, practical business wisdom, and impactful storytelling. Her experiences with renowned clients such as Adobe, Amazon, and the NHS, paired with her dedication to empowering individuals and businesses, make her a compelling speaker for a range of events aiming to motivate and transform. Her accolades, including an MBE for her contributions to entrepreneurship and business, underscore her credibility and influence in the field.

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