Melissa Sterry

Design Scientist transforming futures with sustainability, innovation & pioneering visions for a resilient tomorrow

Melissa Sterry is a distinguished design scientist, futurist, and sustainability expert recognized for her visionary work in rethinking and redesigning the future of our planet. With a profound commitment to sustainability and innovation, her work bridges the gap between cutting-edge science and practical applications in creating resilient and sustainable systems across various sectors. Through her engaging talks, Melissa takes the audience on a journey to explore how biomimicry, ecological design, and future-thinking can drive transformative change in our approach to the environment, urban planning, and beyond.

Her presentations not only illuminate the challenges we face in the Anthropocene but also offer actionable insights and strategies for building a more sustainable and resilient world. Drawing on her extensive research and successful projects, Melissa provides a compelling narrative on the power of interdisciplinary innovation and the role of creativity in solving complex environmental issues. Attendees will leave equipped with a deeper understanding of the importance of adopting forward-thinking approaches to design and sustainability, inspired to contribute to a more resilient future.

Melissa's sessions are crafted to ignite curiosity, provoke thought, and empower action among her audience, making her an invaluable speaker for events focused on innovation, sustainability, and the future of our planet. Her expertise and visionary outlook offer a unique opportunity for event managers looking to inspire their audiences with groundbreaking ideas and practical solutions for the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

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