Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Boundary-breaking architect inspiring with innovative design thinking

Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes, a pioneering architect and captivating speaker, is recognized for her transformative insights into design thinking, leadership, and sustainable futures. As the founder of AKKA Architects, Stephanie brings a wealth of expertise in pushing the boundaries of conventional design, fostering innovation, and inspiring leaders to envision a more sustainable world.

In her talks, Stephanie navigates the intersection of design, leadership, and sustainability, offering a profound understanding of how creative thinking can shape the future. Her engaging presentations delve into the principles of innovative design, the role of leadership in fostering creativity, and the imperative of sustainability in today's world. Stephanie's unique approach combines her architectural acumen with a passion for transformative leadership, providing audiences with actionable strategies to drive positive change in their professional and personal lives.

Event managers seeking a speaker who can seamlessly blend design thinking, leadership, and sustainability will find Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes to be a valuable asset to their event. Whether addressing conferences, workshops, or events focused on women's empowerment, Stephanie's thought-provoking and inspiring presentations leave a lasting impact on audiences. Book Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes today for a session that sparks creativity, fosters leadership, and promotes sustainable thinking for a brighter future.

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