Aidee Zamorano Gonzalez

Dismantling gender bias, caregiving economy & Mamá Godín rankings creator

Aideé Zamorano González is a seasoned professional with a master's degree in public administration and public policy, coupled with a bachelor's degree in communications from Tec de Monterrey. Currently pursuing a public policy diploma at the esteemed London School of Economics, Aideé boasts over 17 years of experience in the private sector, where she has successfully established and led departments in communication, sustainability, and government relations.

As a dedicated consultant, Aideé focuses on transforming labor policies with a keen gender perspective. Her expertise spans feminism, labor rights, risk management, and business continuity, making her a sought-after opinion leader in the realm of labor policy. Additionally, Aideé serves as a lobbyist for the Mexican Senate, advocating for crucial reforms such as decent vacations, children's vaccination against COVID-19, reduction of working hours, and contributing to the National Development Plan under the current administration's civil protection efforts. Simultaneously, she imparts her wealth of knowledge as a faculty member at TecMilenio University.

In 2016, Aideé initiated the Mamá Godín project, an impactful activism effort shedding light on discriminatory practices faced by women during and after pregnancy within corporate settings. Since 2020, she has conducted a groundbreaking national ranking in Mexico, evaluating over 300 workplaces to establish a correlation between caregiving responsibilities and women's departure from the workforce. This pioneering initiative has positively impacted more than 600,000 individuals and influenced the ENASIC survey (National Survey for the Care System) presented by INEGI (National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Informatics) in 2023.

During the fourth quarter of 2023, Mamá Godín presented the first study on caregivers' perceptions in Colombia, Spain, the United States, and Switzerland. Proudly associated with the United Nations agency ARISE, Mamá Godín stands as a testament to private companies working towards resilience.

In 2023, Aideé Zamorano González faced and overcame labor, gender, and economic violence and discrimination in her workplace. This challenging experience led her to transition into entrepreneurship overnight, fueled by a commitment to advocating for positive change in the workplace.

As a dynamic and engaging speaker, Aideé focuses on eradicating gender and motherhood bias in the workplace. Her presentations offer insightful perspectives on transformative topics. Fluent in English and a native Spanish speaker, Aideé Zamorano González brings a unique and valuable voice to events and conferences.

Aideé Zamorano González offers a compelling, succinct, and informative presentation, covering topics such as transforming labor policies, workplace discrimination, and resilience. Event Managers are encouraged to make contact for a transformative and engaging speaker session that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the audience.

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