Janine Driver

Renowned New York Times best-selling author & expert in human behavior & body language

Looking for a keynote speaker that will make your audience feel like they’re getting a top-secret code to improve their relationships while they’re on the edge of the seats laughing? Janine Driver, NY Times best-selling author of You Say More Than You Think, helps audiences decode body language to build trust and rapport—a skill that is highly valued in all industries.

From her award-winning keynotes, Ted Talk to training the FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard Police to empowering leaders at Capital One, SalesForce, Hershey, and other companies, she delivers life-changing, forever skills while offering ready-to-use tools to help people learn the language of rapport, trust and agreement by learning how to detect the language of truth vs. deception, withdrawal vs. engagement and agreement vs. non-agreement.

During Janine’s tenure as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer for the Department of Justice she became an expert on how to spot patterned behavior, decode the language of gun smugglers, murderers and sometimes good people doing bad things and covering it up. She shares all she has learned and why ESL (Everyone’s Second Language) helps your audience:

• Increase emotional intelligence to read others, inspire others and decrease stress by learning to read subtle body language cues
• Recognize and use body language analysis to enhance professional and personal life
• Leverage body language decoding to improve persuasion, negotiation and mediation
• Recognize the timing of body language that precedes verbal expression and why this improves compassion, trust and vulnerability
• Learn the value of silence, the belly button rule, lip-locking and numerous other body language habits that inform our perceptions and reactions
• Detect truth and deception to save money, time, and resources

• Vulnerability in Leadership
• Enhance Leadership and Executive Presence
• The Art of Nonverbal Success for Women
• You Say More Than You Think: Using New Body Language To Get What You Want

You can see Janine share her practical wisdom and skills with audiences on LIVE with Kelly and Mark Show, The Today Show, CNN, and on Court TV where she analyzes cases featuring stars and common criminals and shares the decoding secrets of their body language.

Book Janine Driver for your next event to generate the ‘wow’ ratings for your mainstage keynote.

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