Fabiola Domínguez

From self-sabotage to self-love - ignite your light!

In a 2-hour event (English or Spanish), Fabiola Domínguez will teach your team how fear is the top enemy to ignite the individual light and, therefore, as a whole.

The solution? Self-love.

She'll take you on a journey on how inner dialogue is constantly criticizing, hating, fearing, and believing that "we are not enough". Therefore, it is the first step to transforming mental patterns and creating new habits to upgrade self-confidence.

Fabiola is an assiduous researcher and lifelong learner who will teach you different techniques from top mentors such as Louise Hay, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, as well as her expertise as a talented empathetic, and intuitive communicator.

During the workshop, your team will have:

-A guided meditation to ignite self-love and release stress and anxiety
-A 30-minute talk
-A group coaching session with 2 exercises to transform inner dialogue with new thought patterns to upgrade self-confidence and self-love

Fabiola's mission is to release your talent, meaning that she helps you transform those fears into self-confidence to achieve your goals and use your talents as she believes we are all multi-talented beings.

She is a certified coach in life coaching and manager coaching. She worked as a news reporter for 10 years and then, as corporate communications lead with Costa Rica's investment promotion agency.

As a coach and mentor, she has worked with individuals who desired to increase their self-confidence to achieve different goals, and companies who longed to ignite their purpose, teamwork, and increase their communication skills.

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