Joanne Groves

Faster educator & author championing inclusivity & evidence-based practices in fitness

Joanne Groves stands at the forefront of fitness education with 29 years of experience, having enriched the professional journeys of over 4.5k female and non-binary trainers. Her role as a key committee member of IDEA and CIMSPA underscores her dedication to enhancing global training standards through inclusivity and evidence-based practices. Joanne’s innovative approach incorporates climacteric education into her mentoring, addressing a crucial aspect of women’s health.

Her offerings, including weekly seminars, workshops, and a podcast, serve as pivotal platforms for amplifying women’s voices in the fitness industry. Attendees of Joanne’s sessions gain insights into creating inclusive fitness experiences and adopting critical thinking in evidence-backed practices.

For event managers seeking a speaker who brings both depth and actionable insights to the fitness industry, Joanne Groves is an exemplary choice. Her global speaking engagements not only inspire change but also equip audiences with the tools to implement it.

Engage with Joanne to elevate your event.

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