Amanda Shepherd

Reducing prison recidivism though graphic design

When graphic designer Amanda Shepherd first learned about the shockingly high rates of prison recidivism, she asked herself what she could do to make a difference.

This marked the beginning 
of a journey that led to her co-founding Green Fox Studio, 
a social enterprise and not-for-profit dedicated to reshaping 
the lives of those affected by Australia's prison system.

Amanda and her business partner, Kelly Willmott, discovered their strengths and what they enjoy about being in business. They realised that some of their strengths overlap, and they relish the moments when they can collaborate.

By embracing and harnessing their strengths, they have become better founders, managers, and decision-makers. Green Fox Studio's success is not a result of luck or chance but is the product of creativity, ambition, and mutual respect, among other things. They have successfully completed five years in business.

Amanda shares the studio's evolution, from convincing her former boss (now business partner) to come to prison with her to nurturing creativity within the confines of a maximum-security detention facility. She highlights the challenges and triumphs and tells a story rich in empathy, resilience, and humour.

Every great design begins with an even better story, and Green Fox Studio's story is one of success by creating second chances.

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