Anna Hemmings

World Champion & Olympic kayaker & DEI advocate

Anna Hemmings, Britain's most successful female marathon kayaker, is a renowned keynote speaker and authority on resilience, leadership, and teamwork. Her storied athletic journey, marked by overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome to claim six World Championships and two Olympic participations, underpins her powerful messages on perseverance, high performance, and embracing diversity in all walks of life.

Transitioning from elite sports to motivational speaking and coaching, Hemmings has dedicated over 13 years to fostering environments where DEI principles are celebrated and integrated. Her approach combines firsthand experiences of elite sport with practical business strategies, promoting resilience, inclusive leadership, and team collaboration. Hemmings’s keynotes delve into the psychology of high performance, offering actionable insights for overcoming adversity and fostering a culture of success and inclusivity in the corporate world.

Event managers seeking a dynamic and impactful speaker will find Anna Hemmings an inspiring choice. Her talks not only motivate but also provide practical frameworks for cultivating diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces, driving both individual and organizational growth. Hemmings's commitment to DEI shines through her tailored presentations, making her an exemplary speaker for events aiming to ignite change and inspire peak performance across all levels of an organization​.

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