Diana Verde Nieto

Pioneer in sustainable luxury, championing inclusivity & environmental stewardship in global business practices

Diana Verde Nieto is a renowned sustainability expert and influential figure in advocating for eco-friendly practices within the luxury industry. With a profound career beginning with one of the first sustainability communications consultancies, she co-founded Positive Luxury, setting new standards for responsible business practices. Her advisory roles extend to organizations like Sustainnovate and the United Nations, underscoring her commitment to sustainable development and inclusivity.

Verde Nieto's work is characterized by a visionary approach to integrating sustainability with business strategy, emphasizing diversity and inclusion. Her significant contributions have been recognized globally, establishing her as a thought leader in driving the luxury sector towards environmental and social responsibility. Her engagements at premier forums, including the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, highlight her commitment to transforming the dialogue around sustainability and inclusivity in business.

Diana's latest publication, "Reimagining Luxury," serves as a guide for brands navigating the transition to sustainable operations, advocating for a future where luxury and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. Her insights provide companies with the frameworks needed to innovate and thrive in an evolving market landscape, prioritizing sustainability and inclusivity. Event managers will find Diana's rich expertise and dynamic presentation style an asset to any event aiming to inspire and enact real change‚Äč.

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