Sienna Mallon

27 year old LGBTQIA explosives superintendent inspiring young women to work in the mining industry

Sienna is a Final Product and Logistics Superintendent in an Ammonium Nitrate (explosives) manufacturer. After completing a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Science, she took on an Operations Supervisor role for the largest fertiliser manufacturer in the southern hemisphere.

Sienna was then accepted into Melbourne Business School to commence a Part-Time MBA by the age of 24. At 25, she was offered the Superintendent position in Central Queensland and relocated to undertake her next step in the mining industry. Whilst managing the challenges of being a young leader, Sienna then moved to share her story through social media, her content includes,

- The challenges of her father passing away in her exam period at university
- Navigating relocation into a residential mining community,
- and the tools she has gained as a young LGBT woman in a male-dominated industry.

Within 4 months Sienna built an audience of 120,000 followers (and growing), to inspire, engage and educate other women to dream big.

During this time, Sienna has commenced working with a talent agency and represented multiple brands including Hard Yakka, Musclenation and Two Savage. She has demonstrated that she can be an inspiration to women seeking the confidence to take risks.

Although quite young in her leadership journey, Sienna can show other women that they don't have to wait 10+ years before they can progress in their careers, she can share this knowledge in real-time as a face that is already recognisable.

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