Poonam Madaan

Happiness coach & corporate trainer & founder BFFS Training Solutions

Poonam is a seasoned professional and published author, with almost 2 decades of diverse experience in corporate, education, training and coaching environment. She is a righteous self-believer and an optimistic person.

As a trainer, she conducts variety of sessions including corporate trainings, public workshops, seminars, webinars, talks & certification programs. Her recorded courses are also available online on www.udemy.com.

As a coach, her ability to empathize, accompany and be attentive, inspires her clients to open up & commit to change.

She has delivered over 5000 hours of training and touched the lives of 5000+ with her experience as trainer and coach.

She is a published author of the book “Break Free From Stress”. This book collates guided imagery techniques to break free and is available on amazon and flipkart.

During her stint as a Chartered Accountant, she had diverse exposure in MIS, Accounting and Budgeting.

She had quit her corporate job to pursue her passion and to work for a higher purpose. She founded BFFS Training Solution with an objective to empower people to break free from stress and live joyfully.

Her sessions are highly energetic and interactive. She has a great sense of humor, is an exceptional story teller, spiritually intelligent and effective communicator. She effectively manages large gatherings and conducts sessions in both online and offline modes.

Having gone through different phases of life herself as a full time working mom to a full time homemaker and then to an entrepreneur have added variety of experiences in her life and she can fully resonate with the struggles of women in all these phases. She loves to support women entrepreneurs and encourages them by offering mentoring and coaching sessions to keep going.

- Certified Life Coach & Corporate Trainer
- Published Author of  book “Break Free From Stress”
- Chartered Accountant
- NLP, EI & CBT Practitioner
- DBT & ACT Practitioner
- Transactional Analysis (TA) 101 Certified
- Laughter Yoga Teacher
- POSH Enabler
- Management Skills Faculty with the ICAI
- Unleash the Power Within Graduate (with Tony Robbins)

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