Taz Dunstan

Athlete and personal training business guru, industry leader and innovator, expert motivator

Taz Dunstan established her personal training business “XL Personal training” in 2015, specialising  in all forms of functional training, rehabilitation and began working on body sculpting and personalised transformation programs.

She has continued to expand her skills and studies, completing a business diploma. She expanded her business into an online platform servicing clients world wide.

Taz also began specialising in mountaineering and has climbed 3 of the highest summits from the famed eight summits. Taz was awarded both  “Active Achiever” and “Active communities” categories NT winner by Fitness Australia.

Taz completed a diploma of fitness and has been recognised as an industry leader, publishing 2 books “Reset” and “Slaying the dragon”.

She has been awarded an "ICN transformation champion trainer" in NT, VIC and QLD and has been featured  in Oxygen magazine issue #99, been on the cover of Gym Owners Magazine and was the only fitness business recognised as a finalist at the NT export awards.

Taz is currently working on revolutionising the fitness industry through innovation, customised designs and having legislation passed through the local senate to enforce the industry rules and regulations with laws to reduce the number of unqualified trainers, damaging the credibility of the industry and posing a risk to their clients.

She is committed to being an asset to the industry and a strong role model for other parents and professionals.

Taz has built a solid brand on honesty, integrity, intelligence and hard work. She is an established athlete in several fields and is sponsored by Bioflex nutrition, Black and blue fashions, wild at heart glitters, 3 peaks water, wooden sunnies and ASEA, with this list continuing to expand.

Ultimately, Taz loves what she does and that Is why she excels at it. Taz maintains she would not have been able to achieve all of this without the solid foundations of Onfit and other course providers.

These achievements are the result of Taz refusing to accept that her circumstances or other people’s actions or words would dictate her future. Taz is a domestic violence survivor who had to start her own business to facilitate her and her children’s escape from an abusive partner/ father. As a mother, the responsibility to protect her children meant she did not have the option for her business not to work, it had to work. Your health and happiness truly are a wealth beyond any monetary value and if Taz could offer any advice to business women it is to ensure your priorities and self worth are unwavering. As a mother, your children are the greatest work you will ever do- be appreciative for that gift and ensure they feel valued every day. For all of the challenges that come with “motherhood joys” - your children are your greatest assets. They teach us patience, multitasking, open-mindedness, negotiation and forgiveness. Tazs business success is a tribute to her children, Kai and Raven, being the amazing teachers that they are.

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